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The Wonders of Summer!!
"Mrs. Plumbridge Garden Party"
Summer is finally here I think!!
Happy New Year!!!
Christmas Open House!!!


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The Wonders of Summer!!

Ohhhh the wonders of summer!!
The "Mrs. Plumbridge" Summer Open Day was a flying success. I was overwhelmed by all the kind and positive feedback I received from returning folks and lots of new people.
The garden was full of lovely things all the flowers were smiling at us. You felt like there was not a care in the world!!
It's funny but people always say..
"Sally this is all SO much work you have worked SO hard"
Yes it is and I have, but no one has asked me to do it, it's all my idea and how worth it all is to see people arrive with such lovely smiles and excitement on their faces.

"Mrs. Plumbridge Garden Party"

So very pleased to announce the date of the "Mrs. Plumbridge Garden Party"
Saturday 5th July 10.30am til 4pm
There will be many lovelies for sale, refreshments and general fab chit chat as per usual on these great days. Do come along even if it is your first time we are all very friendly and it is nice to break away and enter the land of Nostalgia & Vintage and anything " Darling Buds of May"
Many thanks for taking the time to read this and it would be great to see you.

Summer is finally here I think!!

Well it looks like Summer I finally here!!
So Sorry it's been very quiet with communications and posts at Mrs. Plumbridge, but it's been a bit hectic. Due to bad weather problems of leaking roofs, water pouring down the bathroom wall and out of the light fixing, Ooopps!! The garage also and it would seem everything went wrong one thing after another. But finally Summer is here, so I shan't be churlish as the bathroom is fixed and redecorated and I made some new blinds, also Lucy Dog's bedroom (well the boot room by the back door really).

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to all!!!
Well the start of a new year hear at "Mrs. plumbridge" H.Q. It was a quiet Christmas here at Apple Tree Cottage even though the weather was so wet we were grateful we weren't flooded out like some of these poor people on the news!!!
The Christmas Open day was a flying success which is all the more rewarding full of Christmas cheer and mulled wine. I think Lucy Dog enjyed here Christmas turkey more than even we did!!
I've been hard at it with Geraldine (my sewing machine) inspired to make new things for 2014.

Christmas Open House!!!

The Christmas "Mrs. Plumbridge" Open House has been fantastic the response just seems to get better and better people hav been SO supportive abd we have had terrific feedback!! Thanks to all those who came along it was lovely to meet new faces and to see my regulars returning!

Nearly There!!

Nearly There!!
It's that time of year again nearing the "Mrs. Plumbridge" Summer Garden Party when I've been busying myself preparing, sewing, painting and giving old things found a new lease of life again!
To make things even better it's that time of year when the peas are climbing up the pea sticks and the runner beans are running up the poles, carrots are growing up in readiness to eat. I have put a corralling fence made out of the old bean poles I have left over to stop Lucy (my leonberger dog) treating the veg patch like a "Salad Cart" as she has been know to do in the past!


Is it coming we have a glimpse and taster then gone!
How many of us are tired of everyone complaining about the weather ........... most of us! the truth is there is nothing we can do about it, we just have to be happy we don't live in some of these dreadful war-torn places in our world at the moment!
Take yourself into the land of "Pinterest" as I have done and disappear into the absolutely beautiful pictures I have accumulated in these drab evenings. Dream of a world of "Mrs.

Post- Spring Open Day!!

Post - Spring Open Day!!
What a great start to the "Mrs. Plumbridge" calendar!
My Spring Open Day was really lovely, many thanks to all those shhhhmashing people who came and supported me. H.Q looked simply dreamy!
I love it just before 11am when it's all set up and spic n span ready for the flag to go up. That quiet order when the house looks just as I had hoped and planned with all my bits and bobs laid out, each item has it's own little story of how I either found it or rescued it or bought it in some serendipitous moment on my journeys around and about.


Well It's here January!! After our interesting Christmas holiday in the beautiful village of Hook Norton in the midst of the Cotswolds . A Wonderful Holiday full of glorious and lung filling country walks (in theory) instead we had mud, mud, and more mud and plenty of rain to mix in!!! Cabin Fever began to set in as visits out of the tiny cottage were becoming fewer and farer between due to the pouring rain! We started to feel like Alice in Wonderland after she took her grow larger potion and could be sure our heads were touching the ceiling as we sat on a tiny two seater sofa watching "only fools and horses" YET AGAIN!


August !!
 Well lets hope we have more of a Summer this month!
Especially as our Summer Open Day at "Mrs. Plumbridge" H.Q is on the 18th of this month and I thought it would be very summery and lovely to have some things in the garden, even though it's a funny old hickledy pickledy cottage garden there's nothing like a nice afternoon tea in an English Cottage Garden.
I'm very busy the next few weeks sorting out all my new stock for the Open Day as not only will I have all my fabric things and soft furnishings but I have collected a mass of other artifacts both Vintage and Nostalgic for people to browse through, so I hoping it will be even more interesting.
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