Fun & Novelty Items
I just love these!!
They have no practical use whatsoever but who cares they make me smile !!
Fabric Birdhouses   £10.00
Vintage Green/Orange Floral Fabric Birdhouse
Handmade Vintage Floral Fabric Birdhouse with Hessian roof
Green/Orange Vintage Fabric Birdhouse
Cute Handmade Fabric Birdhouse in Green/Orange Vintage Floral Fabric with a hessian Roof
Price: £10.00
Fabulous Ticking Fabric Birdhouses Available in Red & Duck Egg
Pretty Duck Egg Ticking Fabric Handmade Birdhouse with hessian Roof
Duck Egg Ticking Fabric Birdhouse
Handmade Birdhouse in Duck Egg Ticking fabric with a Hessian Roof
Price: £10.00
Red Ticking Fabric Birdhouse
Handmade from lovely cotton ticking fabric with a Hessian base and roof.
Price: £10.00
2012 0102boo0022
Red Ticking Fabric Birdhouse
 Fantastic Flowery Vintage Fabric!
I remember this as a child!
2012 0102boo0018
Vintage 70's Fabric Birdhouse
70's Retro Fabric Birdhouse
Handmade form very pretty vintage retro fabric
Price: £10.00
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