I have many varieties of Bunting from padded Love Heart Bunting (below) to traditional Handmade from Vintage Fabric. Its my favourite thing for any occasion or just to brighten up the day!!
There will be LOTS more colours and styles I just can't stop
 making it! 
2012 0101boo0004
A nice mix of Floral and gingham for a very Country feel Bunting
just over 3 metres in length and 17 flags.
A mix of patchwork flowers and Linen to have a more Vintage feel Bunting this is also over 3 metres with 17 flags.
New Season Vintage Bunting
A mix of Florals, Checks, and Patchwork Vintage Fabrics
Price: £16.50
Country Check and Floral:
A lovely new selection of Mini Bunting!!! this is very versatile as not as large and invasive as the large flag so can go pretty much anywhere! £14.00 for 19 mini flags!  
Nostalgic Vintage Mini Bunting ..... Available on my Summer Open House Day
A girl can never have too much bunting I say!
Nostalgic Fabric Mini Bunting
19 flags Made from a mix of fabrics we remember as a child!
Price: £14.00
Vintage Fabric Mini Bunting
19 flags of A choice of Green and Pink Spring Mix or Red and White floral mix
Price: £14.00
Spring Green and Pink Mix :
Vintage Fabric Bunting!! 
New Season Spring/Summer Vintage Fabric Bunting
Vintage Spring/Summer Bunting
Close Up of Mrs. Plumbridge Vintage Spring/Summer Bunting
              Nautical Bunting!!
Temporarily SOLD OUT!! but can be made to order!!
My jubilee Red/white & Blue buntingDetailed picture of my Red/White & Blue Jubilee Bunting
Red White and Blue Stripe Bunting
Handmade Bunting Perfect for the Jubilee!! 11 flags Made from thick cotton fabric on a 3m cotton cord.
Price: £12.00
Close up of Red/ Pink and White Bunting a lovely mix of new and vintage fabrics
Red/ Pink and White Bunting a lovely mix of new and vintage fabrics
Red, Pink and White Bunting
Handmade from a lovely mixture of new and vintage fabrics
Price: £16.00
Love Heart Padded Bunting.
2012 0113boo0020
Duck Egg Ticking handmade padded love heart bunting ideal for above a mirror
Red Ticking Fabric Bunting
French Style Rustic Ticking Bunting
Price: £12.99
Duck Egg Ticking Basket
French Style Rustic Ticking Bunting
Price: £12.99
Beautiful Love Heart Cotton handmade padded faric bunting
Padded Heart Bunting
Spring Flower Cotton Love Heart Bunting
Handmade from White Cotton background with pretty small pink spring flower bunting
Price: £20.00
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